Roofing member hacked

Posted By Darren  
22:02 PM

We we're called to do an inspection on this property as the owners had issues with roof members starting to come through the ceiling.

They had called on numerous other local tradesman to no avail.

We inspected the property and all looked well in the roof space, the parts we could access.

So I made an executive decision to take some roof sheets off and investigate further, being a builder I am fully insured to do this and having my DBU ( domestic builder Unlimited ) liscence, I am also registered to be on the tools also.

The pic below is what we found. Some clever cowboy has hacked away at the under purlin. (An under purlin supports roof members) this was done so it wouldn't protrude through the roof sheets.

This is the type of work no registered tradesman are doing, and it is in everyone's best interest to make sure every person who you employ are registered, and qualified to do the work in which you employ them to do.