Building Inspections On New Homes

Building a new home and want to make sure your builder is building your new home to the Victorian  Standards and not cutting any corners, well we got you covered.

All Pro Group in the Macedon Ranges also do new build inspections, these are as follows:

  • Pre pour of slab: this is done the day before your slab is to be poured it will be inspected in the afternoon so any defects can be rectified by the concreters which will be present while the inspection is being completed 
  • Frame and slab inspection; this inspection is done once the slab is poured to check and make sure there's no overhang and no cracking in the concrete and to make sure there's no steel exposed around the slab, the frame will be fully completed they will check the construction of the frame, the roof truss and the bracing and there compliance with the building codes. 
  • Waterproofing inspection: this inspection is to check all the wet areas of the house that they have been waterproofed correctly as per Australian Standards. 
  • fixing inspection: this inspection is checking all the architraves, skirting boards, doors and the doors jams, window frames and cornices.
  • final Inspection: this inspection is once the home is 100% complete and is ready for the final walk through.
  • Re Inspection ( after final inspection if needed) this inspection is to go back and inspect and work that needed to be rectified when the final walk through was completed.

Each stage of our inspection comes with a comprehensive report which includes photos of all the defects that have been found which will be emailed to you and a copy will be sent to your Site Supervisor for rectification of all defects.

Our team at All Pro Group from the Macedon Ranges are fully up to date with the Building Codes of Australia, and all relevant Australian standards, the Victorian Building Authorities acceptable standards and tolerances, as well as individual product installation guides. All Pro Group also have there DOMESTIC BUILDERS UNLIMITED licence, so why would you get someone else to do your inspections, not many Building Inspectors are Registered Unlimited Builders so why choose an inspector that's not as qualified.