Custom Builds

Everyone is different and has different needs to the next person, so don't settle for second best. We have a trusted network of draftsmen and architects that can create a unique design just for you.  We sit and talk through what your dream build is and budget and work out the best way for you to get what "YOU" want. All Pro Group Australia  listens to the most important person which is you and our team will make sure your design far meets your expectation. We can also arrange finance for you which takes out a lot of the stress.

We have built many new home builds, high end to first time home owners but we enjoy a challenge and love building Eco friendly sustainable homes. Living in the Macedon Ranges  there is a real difference from building in the city to building in the country. Homes in the country have to be designed around the environment, its not a concrete jungle so why build a home like that.

We have built new homes using a variety of challenging materials, mud, cob and straw just to name a few.  Homes like these do take longer to build and we know that, they require care and vigilance when building these homes and  they have to be nurtured with constant supervision.